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Surgical Mask
Surgical Mask Surgical Mask Surgical Mask
Surgical Mask
Public Respirator - 50 pcs

The Peeka-Boo! Surgical Mask is designed to prevent the transmission of disease and to provide safety barrier against contamination. This surgical respirator is preferred for its comfort and breathability.

A fluid-resistant, tie-on protective mask with horizontal ties, the Peeka-Boo! Surgical Mask is ideal for general-purpose use.

Click here for safety instructions how to use this product.

  • Fluid resistant
  • Light weight, Cool and Breathable
  • 3 Layers
  • Moisture absorbing, Traps and filters the bacteria, Non-woven rejects moisture
  • Formable nose strip
  • 90-94% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • For general public protection
  • 1 bag contains 50 masks
  • FREE shipping by Canada Post Express
  • MDEL Licence #11790
  • For prices on orders over 250 masks per order contact us here
  • For prices on orders by hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies or their employees located in the province of Ontario contact us here