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Gender Determination

We love the excitement of telling you if your baby is a girl or a boy! But, if you don't want to know, that's ok too! We won't tell you! We won't even look for ourselves! We respect your choice. A Gender Assessment or a confirmation is an optional feature on each of our packages.

Gender assessments are the most accurate in 2-dimensional mode. This is the black and white mode that you will find at your diagnostic ultrasound. This mode allows the technician to see the structure, bones and tissue of your baby. Things like a foot, umbilical cord and placenta that happen to be in front of the genital area will be the first thing that you see in 3-dimensional mode (unless they move out of the way). But, generally speaking,you can see around these things in 2-dimensional mode. But, by all means, if we can get a decent photo in 3d, we are more than happy to do that for you (except for the "Boy and Girl Package")!

Below, you will find some gender photos in both 2D and 3D mode.

2-dimensional - Female 3-dimensional - Female
2-dimensional - Male 3-dimensional - Male