About Peeka-Boo! I See U! Ultrasound Studio

Our Policy

      • Having scanned babies in our studio for more than 10 years, we are commited to continue that service for many more years to come!
      • We promise to do our VERY best in making this an enjoyable and memorable experience for you.
      • We promise to keep ourselves in good health in order to be available to you.
      • We promise to answer all of your questions and describe your ultrasound in a manner that you will understand.
      • We promise to keep our location clean and a comfortable place to come to.
      • We promise that this is more than just an ultrasound of a baby. We truly care about you and your baby and would like to hear how everything is going (even after the baby is born)!

Your Responsibilities

      • First and foremost, To ensure that you've had a diagnostic ultrasound through the guidance of your healthcare provider
        before coming to an appointment with us!
      • Bring the photo from your diagnostic ultrasound with you to your appointment with us.
        This is no longer a mandatory request.... we just like to see the pictures!
      • To arrive about 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete our forms. We operate on a tight schedule.
        Late arrivals will result in time deducted from your appointment. We cannot extend your appointment to interfere with the next customer's appointment.
      • To pay attention to the little things that get your baby to move. You know your baby best (far better than we do)!
        If your baby is covering it's face or turned toward your spine it is YOUR job to get your baby to move!
      • To keep yourself well-hydrated throughout your pregnancy. When you drink water on a regular basis, it will help flush
        your amniotic fluid around the baby and allow you to get clearer pictures.
      • To bring drink/food items that might make your baby move (for example; chocolate or juice).
      • To refrain from using the washroom about an hour before your visit. You do not need to purposely FILL your bladder,
        but releasing your bladder is far easier than filling it at the time of your appointment.
      • Do not schedule your 3d ultrasound appointment on the same day or the next day after your gestational diabetes/glucose test.
        This may really affect your baby's movements and make it difficult to obtain good pictures.
      • To prepare yourself for your ultrasound by reading our Instructions on this website.
      • You are welcome to bring guests with you to share in the excitement.
      • We have a toy section for older siblings.