Waiver of Liability

Niagara's Premier 3D/4D Ultra Sound Studio

Waiver of Liability

You must have had a diagnostic ultrasound with your doctor before coming to Peeka-Boo! I See U!

Our services are for amusement purposes ONLY.  This should not replace your routine diagnostic ultrasound nor checkups and advice from your prenatal physician/midwife.  No medical diagnosis will be made in any way.  We are not liable for any information that you interpret as a medical diagnosis.

You allow Peeka-Boo! I See U! To use any pictures or video obtained of your baby for promotional and advertisements via our Website, Twitter or Facebook.  Your name can be removed if requested.

However accurate your exam may be, we cannot guarantee with 100% assurance the gender of your baby, nor can we be held liable in any way for an incorrect gender determination. 

The best pictures are usually obtained between 28-32 weeks.

If you are past 33 weeks and not satisfied with your pictures, please note that due to the baby's size and position, it will not qualify for a free return visit. If you are before this time period, please note that your baby is still small and can sometimes look skeletal, and will also not qualify for a free return visit.

Return appointments are granted only when the baby is completely hiding its face or facing the mother's spine.  It will take place within one week of your original appointment.

It is the patient's responsibility to get their own baby to move if it is in a unfavourable position (although we will try our best to move it too).

You have NOT had your prenatal glucose (diabetes) test today, or yesterday.

By signing this waiver, you agree to these statements. You have read and fully understand this waiver of liability and disclaimer. 

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Baby’s Development

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Peeka-Boo! I See U!

Peeka-Boo! I See U!

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